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How to Make a Terrarium

How to Make a Terrarium

Terrariums are beautiful additions to your work desks, coffee tables and bar counters, easy to look after and great as gifts for people. Here, I am going to teach you how to create a simple terrarium using just simple materials you can find from a gardening shop.


Items you will need:

Loose soil: additional soil to fill up the container for the plant to grow in.

Volcanic rock/activated carbon/charcoal: to remove any excess water from plant processes.

Plant: preferbly Fittonia or Peperomia Rotundifolia plants as they are easier to maintain.

Glass container:  can be open or closed containers, must be big enough to fit your plant in.

Decorative pebbles and materials: to beautify your terrarium


Add some pebbles right at the bottom of the container.


Followed by a layer of volcanic rocks/activated carbon/charcoal.


Add some loose soil to cover the bottom totally.


Carefully de-pot the plant into the glass container. Arrange the plant to suit your preference. You can add more than one type of plant if you have a wider container. A guide is to always have an odd number of plants for your terrarium because it looks aesthetically nicer than an even number of plants.



Water the plant a little before covering the soil with a layer of colored pebbles, add some seashells and ladybirds and there you have it!

It is not easy to make an enclosed terrarium that is able to survive on it’s own entirely. Sometimes, the surroundings may be too dry or moist and may affect the growth of the plant. It is however, normal to have some water vapor forming at the sides of the container due to plant processes. These water vapor will be ‘recycled’, keeping the enclosed area moist and cool for the plant to grow well. However, if you find that the surrounding is too dry, do water the plant a little daily until some water vapor is formed. Similarly, if it is too wet, remove the lid to allow some water vapor to escape before closing it up again.

Also remember to keep your terrarium in a well lit but not under direct sunlight for it to grow well.

Have a great time making your terrarium!

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