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Handmade Gift Ideas For Christmas

Handmade Gift Ideas For Christmas

The Christmas season is nearing! It’s my favourite season every year because it’s a time of thanksgiving and gifting. Not to mention, I love receiving gifts too! Have you start preparing and buying gifts for your loved ones yet? If you haven’t, fret not! I did some researching on my own and let me share with you some pretty innovative and simple to make ideas for you to mull over!

Christmas Cupcakes

This pretty little thing is easy to bake and all you need to do is squeeze some cream above and add some sprinklers on top and it’s good to go! Not good at baking? Get White Wings Red Velvet premix or follow my Lemon Cupcake Recipe I did a while ago.

Cookies in a Cookie Jar

Bake a jar of colourful delightful bites for your friends with sweet tooth! Instead of the normal chocolate chips, why not substitute them with M&Ms and peanuts for the joyous occasion. Place them inside a glass jar and finish it off with a red ribbon.

Gingerbread Playdoh

This may not be a new idea (ignore the year please!) but definitely a very creative one! Make your own gingerbread premix and attach a gingerbread man cutter with it, and you have a “Gingerbread Man Cookie Mix for Dummies”.

Cinnamon Candles


Aww… Aren’t these candles burning beautifully? Purchase some aroma therapy candles and wrap them up with cinnamon sticks, tie a ribbon and add some embellishments. No cinnamon sticks? Try other methods of decoration! For instance ice-cream sticks, glass cups or cardboard wraps.


Cup Warmers/Sleeves

I’m totally in love with these! Cut your old socks up and reuse them as cup warmers this winter season!

All Purpose Meat Rub



Christmas feast is not complete without that huge turkey and slabs of ham and meat. A bottle of all purpose meat rub can’t get any closer of something practical as a gift this season. Make it more special with a personalised label.

Santa’s Card


Ho Ho Ho! Who can resist the fat bearded man with his red suit, black belt and boots! Make your very own Santa-inspired christmas cards. I’m sure everyone will be in all smiles just looking at them!

Ornaments Christmas Cards

Instead of the cute Santa greeting card, try making a simple yet elegant card like these. You can get the template of the ornament outlines here.

Rudolph’s Gift Bag

Bought a present but not sure how to wrap it up yet? I’ve got it all thought out for you! Just a few paper cuts on a brown paper bag and you can make this reindeer giftpack! Glitter up Rudolph’s red nose to add some glam to it.

Hope you like these 10 handmade christmas gift ideas I’ve shared with you and that it can bring a smile to many other faces!


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