Sunday, February 25th, 2018
DIY Pom Poms

DIY Pom Poms

Paper pom poms are popular during parties because they can liven up the atmosphere instantly! What’s better, the materials are simple, cheap and they are easier to make!


Since it’s CNY now and Valentine’s Day is coming, I thought this is a good time for red and pink pom poms. And these are the materials you will need: tissue paper/crepe paper, ruler to measure, scissors and clear fishing rod lines.


1. Spread out the crepe paper and cut them into 8 square pieces of the same size. The length of the paper indicates the diameter of your pom poms (may be a bit smaller). My pom poms are approximately 12 inches in length.

2. Place the 8 pieces of paper in a stack and start folding them on alternate sides, each fold about 1 inch wide (as seen in the photo above).

SAMSUNG CSCYour finished folds should look like this! (above)


3. Fold the stack into half to get the mid crease marking. Tie the fishing line (or string will do) in the middle to secure the folds.

4. Cut the string after leaving a sufficient length to be used to tie and hang the pom poms up later.


5. Trim the ends to make them rounded. So your pom poms will look like a flower with round petals!


6. Now for the exciting part, separate each layer and spread them out wide!

SAMSUNG CSCThis is how your pom pom should look like after spreading out half of it.

7. After completing one side, continue with separating the other side. Try to spread all the layers evenly so that it looks round and fluffy.


This is how your finished product should look like! Aren’t they lovely??





I paired them up with CNY lanterns and I think they blend in well with the other new year deco.

Wishing you a happy lunar new year and have fun making pom poms!

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