Sunday, February 25th, 2018
DIY: New Year, New Planner

DIY: New Year, New Planner

When it comes to taking note of my schedules and meetings, I am still old-fashion and prefers the tradition, physical planner which I can carry around with me. I am also very anal in the interior template – must be able to view my week in a glance and must have enough space for me to jot down all my appointments. So I managed to find one from the local bookstore, BUT it only comes in green.

This little book is gonna accompany me for the rest of the year and  I’ll have to look at it almost every single day, no way is it gonna be green in colour! So I decided to revamp the whole look!


I wrapped the ugly green book in a pretty monochrome flower print scrapbook paper. The paper is thick and acid-free – good to last for a year!


To further secure and beautify the planner/organiser, I decided to stick a polka dotted paper (which is actually the prints on the other side of the monochrome flower print paper) over in the inside as well.


Well, by then I do not have a big enough print paper left for the back of the book! So I had to use 2 piece instead. This can act as a mini back pocket for your organiser as well, to store reciepts, namecards, etc.


For some finishing touches, I stuck a vintage-looking sticker on the first page of my planner! And this is to match the cover of my planner which I will reveal in my final picture…


Tah Dah! Super love the overall design of my 2014 new year planner / organiser! It’s something that I find worthwhile putting in some effort to create because it’s gonna be like your lil secretary for that year. If you keep a diary or journal, this is something you can consider doing as well.

Great idea for a new year gift as well, don’t you think so?

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