Sunday, February 25th, 2018
DIY Colourful Lined Envelopes

DIY Colourful Lined Envelopes


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Don’t you just love these colourful lined envelopes? I think they add an extra pop to the otherwise ordinary envelopes and is definitely a mood lifter for the recipients as they open their letters!

These envelopes are easy peasy to make as well. All you need is coloured paper of your choice (A5 size will be perfect), a pencil, scissors and glue/double tape.

1. Using a plain envelope, flip up the opening (triangular part) and use that as a template to outline on the coloured paper. Outline about 2/3 of the entire envelope. It should look like the outline of a “house” (triangular at the top, rectangular at the bottom) when you are done. Do make sure that the template cut out is long enough to be insert as a lining.

2. Cut the shape out. Trim both sides by cutting a thin vertical stripe away. This is because the original shape is most probably too big to be slotted into the envelope. So trim a little of each side away so that it can be slotted in snugly.

3. Use glue or double tape on the ends of the trimmed paper and slowly stick it in as the lining. I personally prefer double tape so that I can remove the tape little by little to prevent any mistakes.

Tadah! You got your lined envelopes!

Play around with colours and even prints to suit different occasions and moods. Have fun!



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