Sunday, February 25th, 2018
A Cupful of Love

A Cupful of Love


Send your love in the form of a cupful of love! This sweet combination is sure to warm and perk up the hearts of your loved ones instantly.


Especially love this exquisitely handmade teabag envelope!




Pack them all together and spread the love around now!

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Crafted With Love

Hello! Welcome to Crafted With Love! Just a 25 year old with the love of all things pretty. As the name suggests, this little space of mine hopes to serve as a memory space to showcase happy things and food that were lovingly crafted by hand. Hope you enjoy your stay here just like how i enjoyed piecing my masterpieces here. *site in currently still under construction. please bear with me as i try my best to fix the bits and pieces in this site! with love, mabel.

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