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10 DIY Craft Ideas for Easter

10 DIY Craft Ideas for Easter

Easter is coming and I’ve been researching on craft ideas for Easter. Some things that you can’t run away from are easter eggs, bunnies and chicks! Here are some of my inspirations:

Easter Bunny and Chick Paper Cups from



If you are throwing an easter party, these cups may come in useful! Simple to make and oh-so-cute!

Bunny Ears from and



These fabric bunny ears can be made from leftover scrap cloth and is just so beautiful! The ears can be detached and the headband can then be reused for the first and the wires can be bent into different types of ears for different occasions too!



Bunny Chocolate Bars from Pinterest



pin interestFound this cute rabbit packaging from Pinterest and I thought they are really great presents for Easters! A change from the usual easter choco eggs!


Decorative Easter Eggs from and

What is Easter without some pretty easter eggs?? These two are my favourites as I researched for ideas because they are not only easy to make but makes me happy with their bright and pastel colours!

Chick Candy Holder from

Chick cupcake holders used to store mini egg candies, how creative! Alternative, use the cupcake holders and bake real cupcakes and I’m sure they will be gone in seconds.

Easter Egg Decorative Wreath from



This is a good DIY craft to do with your kiddo. Just simple cutting and sticking to get this.


Easter Hanging Deco from

Another simple DIY with your kid! ‘Nuff said.

Happy Easter Party Banner from and

I love how the letters and ribbons are in random colours yet so mitchy matchy at the same time. I also like how they are being put together on a ribbon using pegs. Less damage to the walls!

Express yourself using sparkly pictures instead in this flag banner. Again, pegs are used instead!

Surprise Fabric Carrots from


Add a surprise or two inside these fabric carrots! Don’t you just adore the different prints on the orange and green fabrics??

Carrots Decorative Banner from


Hang carrots everywhere! string striped carrots in a row on top of your fireplace!

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